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See below for current, past and upcoming public art opportunities in which artists can apply and/or the general public can participate


Call for Video Artists

Project Intent:

The Laramie Public Art Coalition (aka LPAC) has use of a mobile projection unit, called TOPO-X, a teardrop trailer set up to house a high quality projector. LPAC recognizes there are many forms of public art projects that our community is interested in exploring. There have been few opportunities/calls for video artists. This call is for local video artists to do a temporary video projection during the darkest time of the year.

History and Background:

The Laramie Public Art Coalition’s mission is to enhance the unique visual and cultural vibrancy of Laramie and Albany County in a manner that encourages participation and engagement from all our citizens and visitors. LPAC does not select art, but exists to facilitate those who want to engage in a public art project. LPAC is an independent, non-profit coalition that provides the greater Laramie community with a structure and inclusive processes to create successful public art projects that reflect the community’s identities and values and contribute to Laramie and Albany County's vitality.

TOPO-X Project history: The TOPO-X Project is a collaborative mobile observation, projection and outreach exploration project and vehicle. It was developed as an interdisciplinary project between visual artist Brandon S. Gellis, assistant professor in the University of Wyoming’s Department of Art and Art History; J.J. Shinker, associate professor in the Department of Geography; and Meg Thompson Stanton, artist and coordinator of the Laramie Public Art Coalition to help better build bridges between the UWYO and Albany County communities, art and science exploration, and a means to bring exciting visual art to the Wyoming and national citizens. More information can be found at:

HOW TO APPLY: Artists and artist teams are invited to submit existing work of moving images/videos that are: 5 minutes or less, able to be looped, minimum 720 resolution, posted to Youtube or Vimeo. Please send an email with a YouTube or Vimeo link to the video/s, a short artist statement contextualizing the work, and your contact information to:

Artists may submit up to 3 videos. In YouTube or Vimeo, each video must include artist’s full name, year created, any necessary copyright information and attributes. If there are fast or rapid graphics that may affect viewers, please include a disclaimer informing audiences of such.

For more information contact Meg Thompson Stanton, LPAC Coordinator at or call 307-223-5722. Visit for more information.

Selection Criteria: Moving images, video, up to 5 minutes each, existing work. Maximum of 3 submissions per artist/s. Contributes to the cultural and visual vibrancy in Laramie and Albany County public spaces. Technical quality of video. Quality of creative conceptual vision Appropriateness of the work within the site and community contexts. Please be mindful that this will be in the public realm and should be appropriate for all audiences - nothing vulgar or intensely violent will be considered.

The Selection Committee includes:

  • A representative from the projection location (Albany County Tourism)

  • LPAC board member

  • LPAC Advisory team members who have experience with videography

  • Local videographer/s who does not apply to the call

Download call here


THEME: “Projecting: Place”

A sense of place can be physical or abstract, real or imagined. We are looking for broad interpretations of what “Projecting Place” means to you.


LPAC has a total of $500 for Awards for this call.  We plan to award: 1st place = $250 2nd place = $150 3rd place = $100 Depending on the videos selected, we may project them together at the same time in order, or at separate times.

Location: 210 E Custer St Albany County Tourism Parking Lot, Clure Brothers Furniture North Wall

Timeline: January 11: call open February 11: Submission Due February 18: Winners announced February 28- March 2: Projection: Dusk -11pm

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all Albany County residents regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, military status, sexual orientation, marital status, or physical or mental disability. Individual artists and artist teams are eligible to apply. Proof of residency will be required.

This project is brought to you by The Laramie Public Art Coalition, which is funded by: Albany County (Community Partner Grant- the 5th Cent Sales tax ) City of Laramie (Community Partner Grant- the 5th Cent Sales tax ) Guthrie Family Foundation Laramie Beautification Committee Pete Lien and Sons Wyoming Arts Council Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund Private Donations The Wyoming Community Foundation is our fiscal sponsor while we work towards becoming a non-profit.

Thanks to Albany County Tourism Board and Clure Brothers Furniture for site and power donation. Thank you to Brandon Gellis of the TOPO-X Project for donation of the projection trailer, projector, and time.

Thanks to our LPAC advisory team members who organized this call.

The TOPO-X Project was funded and supported by: UW Biodiversity Institute Grant in Art, Roy J. Shlemon Center for Quaternary Studies, UW Geological Museum, UW Office of Research and Economic Development, UW Visual & Literary Arts, UW Department of Geography, and LPAC.

Free Wall


This wall is open to all- you can just show up and paint. It is meant to be a practice wall of sorts for artists (or anyone- you don't have to consider yourself an "artist" to use it) to practice on and try out small murals.  Just keep it clean- guidelines are posted and feel free to post your work and use #laramiefreewall. 


The address of the wall is 327 E Kearney St, but it is actually the parking garage for that building in the alley, and faces 3rd St and Enterprise Car Rental parking lot. 

Thanks to Devereaux Properties for donating the wall.

Keep an eye out for LPAC’s spray paint workshops we host here in the warmer months.

Go Paint!

Free Wall Guidelines

  • This “Free Wall” is brought to you by Deveraux Properties, the Laramie Public Art Coalition (LPAC), the Laramie Mural Project, and is a temporary mural wall.  

  • You are painting at your own risk.

  • Materials: Please only use water based latex paint or spray paint.  Do not use oil based paints. Do not apply other materials to the wall besides paint.  No mosaics. No sculpture. No assemblage. No wheatpaste or paper.

  • Please Keep it PG-13: no naked bodies, nothing vulgar, nothing violent.

  • Paint only on North and West facing walls (cinder block surfaces).

  • There is no guarantee how long your work will be up before another artist paints over it.

  • LPAC has no control over photos of work in the public domain or how they are shared.

  • LPAC reserves the right to publicize work on the free wall through our website and social media sites and will credit the artist if known.

  • #laramiefreewall

  • Leave no trace other than your mural Wall Guidelines


Past Calls

LPAC RFQ sum18 downtown clinic 1page (1).jpg
RFQ Coffey Engineering 1PAGE SHORT DRAFT v.6 online.jpg

Laramie Mural Project 2018 Downtown Clinic Mural RFQ:

Click here for full call


Coffey Engineering RFQ:  Link to full RFQ.

Coffey Engineering is holding a call to hire an artist/artist team to create a public art piece in their Right of Way strip north of their building.  Click here for the full call details.

Artist Meet Up_INVITE_FLyer.jpg

Monthly Artist Meet Up

Laramie Public Art Coalition is hosting a monthly artist meet up.  All artists and those interested in art are welcome.  Come meet other local artists and art groups, learn about public art opportunities, give suggestions on future professional development workshops, geek out on possible projects, share ideas and projects you like, suggest future meeting topics, have fun with other creative types.  

All meetings are the first Tuesday of every month, 6pm, The Durlacher, 203 S 2nd St, north alley entrance, 1st door on the right.  Please note that our April meeting will be at the 5 x 5 Slideshow at O'Dwyers Public House.


Stay tuned....

More to come...