5 Year Plan Update 2017.jpg

Five-Year Work Plan

The five-year work plan serves as a road map to help Laramie leadership prioritize current projects and track projects that are coming on line in the future.  It is a flexible document that requires annual updating by the staff and review and approval by the Public Art Advisory Committee. The five-year work plan should:

• Present a prioritized list of public art projects, education and community engagement projects, and other public art initiatives, such as planning projects. The list should include information such as project concept, location, collaborative entities, curatorial framework, budget needs, potential or secured funding sources, type of selection process, and anticipated schedule for public art projects.

• Contain diverse locations, methods, and opportunities for works of art and educational programs.

• Ensure that multiple voices and diverse perspectives are included in the types of projects, artists selected, and overall planning process.

• Outline opportunities for a variety of public art project types, including permanent, temporary, integrated, freestanding, interior, exterior, performance-based, interactive, and socially engaged projects.

• Suggest a staffing plan for Laramie Public Art to direct the entity’s planning, public art commissions, and programs.

• Directly address the goals, strategies, and actions of this Public Art Plan.

LPAC's  five-year plan is evaluated and updated annually. We encourage community involvement in that process. The 5x5 pop-up workshop held every spring is one way we gather community ideas and feedback.  Also feel free to email any feedback or ideas to us: publicartlaramie@gmail.com