The Laramie Public Art Coalition (LPAC) is a consortium of partners, who have, with the support of our funders established a blueprint for incorporating public art into Laramie and Albany County.  LPAC does not pick art, but exists to facilitate those who want to engage in a public art project.  The Laramie Public Art Plan, which is LPAC’s guiding document, was adopted by Laramie’s City Council in September 2015.

LPAC is an organization independent of the city, county and university. LPAC is comprised of representatives from Albany County Commission, Laramie City CouncilLaramie Beautification Committee, Laramie Chamber Business AllianceLaramie Main Street Association, Laramie Parks and Recreation Department, and the University of Wyoming Art Museum

Meet our Coalition.

LPAC recognizes that public art is a catalyst to connect residents and visitors to culture, the environs and one another. It enhances the quality of life in Laramie and articulates Laramie’s role as one of the state’s cultural hubs. The Laramie Public Art plan maps methods to spark ambitious, vital and excellent projects by all entities in Laramie that seek to engage in public art.

LPAC's goal is to enhance the unique visual and cultural vibrancy of Laramie and Albany County, in a manner that encourages participation and engagement from all our citizens and visitors.

In December 2016 we hired our first, part-time Public Art Coordinator. We welcome Meg Thompson Stanton to the team. You can contact her at the email below.

The Public Art Advisory Committee is currently working on bylaws, collaborative public art projects and fundraising strategies to bring to life ideas documented in the plan. 

Questions? Contact us at or